New Trash Policy

Fairways Council has passed a trash policy. It will be enforced beginning November 1.

Trash Policy: It is the policy of The Fairways Condominium to place trash at the curb no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the evening before trash pickup days.  All trash should be placed in covered plastic/rubber waste containers, to the extent possible.  Food waste and food-container waste, including pizza boxes, must be placed in covered plastic/rubber waste containers.  Trash bags may be placed at the curb for collection by the waste management company only if they do not fit in a trash can and if they are filled with non-food and non-food-container waste.  Per borough regulations, disposable plastic bags placed at the curb must be securely tied at the top for collection, may not exceed 30 gallons, and may not weigh more than 35 pounds when filled.  Larger household items and large empty boxes are also acceptable at the curb.  Owners will have 30 days from the publishing of this policy to comply. After that date, violation letters will go out and fines will be assessed upon a second violation.

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