Annual Meeting reminder

The Annual meeting of the homeowners association is this Sunday April 22, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. in the ball room at Longwood. If you are not going to be able to attend, or even think you might POSSIBLY not make it, please fill out a proxy form (on line on the Fairways web site under Council) or use the one sent in the mail with the annual notice. The proxies must be turned in to Joan Gundersen by 12 noon on the 22nd. If you attend, your proxy will be returned to you. There is a box on Joan’s front porch (corner of Oak and St. Andrews facing Oak) for the proxies.

Budget Meeting February 19, 2018

The annual Budget Meeting for unit owners at Fairways will be held on MONDAY, February 19, 2018 in the Woodlands Activity Room at Longwood. If you cannot attend, be sure to fill out a proxy form and turn it in to Joan Gundersen (box on her front porch) by noon on the 19th. There is a generic proxy form to download on the web site. Be sure to fill out the part specifying what meeting applies. A specific budget meeting proxy will come in a mailing to owners.

New Trash Policy

Fairways Council has passed a trash policy. It will be enforced beginning November 1.
Trash Policy: It is the policy of The Fairways Condominium to place trash at the curb no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the evening before trash pickup days.  All trash should be placed in covered plastic/rubber waste containers, to the extent possible.  Food waste and food-container waste, including pizza boxes, must be placed in covered plastic/rubber waste containers.  Trash bags may be placed at the curb for collection by the waste management company only if they do not fit in a trash can and if they are filled with non-food and non-food-container waste.  Per borough regulations, disposable plastic bags placed at the curb must be securely tied at the top for collection, may not exceed 30 gallons, and may not weigh more than 35 pounds when filled.  Larger household items and large empty boxes are also acceptable at the curb.  Owners will have 30 days from the publishing of this policy to comply. After that date, violation letters will go out and fines will be assessed upon a second violation.

Council Elections and 2017 Officers

The results of the 2017 Annual Meeting council elections and subsequent selection of council officers is complete. Welcome new Council members William (Bill) Lewis and Trevor Okonak, and Council members Arlene Sparks and Pam York who will be starting their second two-year terms on the council.

Officers of the Council for 2017 are
President – Arlene Sparks
Vice President – Bill Lewis
Treasurer – Bill Gedman
Secretary – Joan Gundersen

Trevor Okonak will be heading the landscape committee; Will Stanisky will continue to be the lead on the Pool; Pam York is going to continue with liaison activities to the borough and to Fairways and will handle regulation issues and resale certificates; and Joan Gundersen will be the contact for the web site. Bill Lewis will serve as a backup on Maintenance issues and is reviewing our governing documents.

Annual Meeting Notice

April 13, 2017


Dear Fairways Condominium Association Owner:

Notice is hereby given that the 2017 Annual Owners Meeting will be held on Sunday April 23, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at the Longwood at Oakmont – Woodlands Activity Room –500 Coxcomb Rd., Verona 15147

The purposes of this meeting are to 1) elect four members to the Board to each serve a two (2) year term; 2) to report on the financial status of the Association; and 3) to conduct such other business as is necessary.

A copy of the proxy was mailed to each homeowner. It is also available on our website on the Fairways Council tab. Proxies mail be mailed to Joan Gundersen at 1677 St. Andrews Dr., or dropped in a box she has on her front porch (facing Oak Street).

More information is available in the letter prepared by the Council and sent with the official notice, minutes, and proxy to homeowners by regular mail. A copy of that letter is also on our web site under the Council tab.

Don’t forget the annual budget meeting of the Fairways Homeowners Association is on February 12, 2017 at 2 p.m. in the Longwood Ballroom.  If you cannot attend, pleas fill out a proxy and drop off before noon on the 12th at the home of Joan Gundersen 1677 St. Andrews.  There is a box outside the door for proxies. You can find a proxy on the Fairways Council page of the web site.

Budget Meeting Notice

Dear Fairways Unit Owner,

The council of the Fairways Village Condominium Association has scheduled a budget meeting on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm in the community room of the Commons Building at Longwood at Oakmont. The purpose of the Budget Meeting is to vote on the 2017-2018 proposed budget. Bill Gedman, Treasurer will present the details at the meeting.

In accordance with the Governing Documents:

(1) Once each year during February, Council shall solicit the input of Unit Owners on the Budget of the Association for the next fiscal year. Council shall be required to obtain Unit Owner approval of the Annual Budget.

(2) In order to approve the Budget, at least 33 1/3% of all Unit Owners must cast a ballot of which at least 51% of such ballots cast must vote to approve the Budget.

(3) If the Unit Owners reject the proposed Budget, Council shall prepare a revised Budget and again submit it for Unit Owner approval. This process shall continue until Unit Owner approval has been received. During the period of time that the Budget revisions are being made, the monthly assessments that were in effect for the prior year shall continue and shall be adjusted if necessary only once the new Budget has been approved and adopted by the Unit Owners.

Please plan to join us for this very informative, and important meeting.

Arlene Sparks

Vice President, Fairways Condominium Association Council