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Fairways Council

Council members are elected for two year terms at the Owners Annual Meeting at the end of April. Three terms end in even years, and four end in odd years. Council members may serve three consecutive terms. All must be resident owners of Fairways units.


2017 Council and Officers President:

President: Arlene Sparks (elected 2017 – 2nd term)

Vice President: William Lewis (elected 2017)

Treasurer: William Gedman (elected 2016)

Secretary: Joan Gundersen (elected 2016)

Member: Will Stansky (elected 2016 – 2nd term)

Member: Trevor Okonak (elected 2017)

Member: Pam York (elected 2017 – 2nd term)


Adobe Acrobat Document Fairways Guidelines


Adobe Acrobat Document 2017-2018 Fairways Council Meeting Schedule


Adobe Acrobat Document Council Candidate Petition


Adobe Acrobat Document Fairway's Proxy


The link to the Association documents is found on this website. The unit owners are encouraged to become familiar with these documents and rely on the most current version of the documents that is available at the Office of the Recorder of deeds of Allegheny County.