Q: Help! The tree next to my unit has been blown over and is blocking my driveway.  It is Saturday morning and the Acri office is closed.  What do I do?

A: Call the Acri office main number 412-459-0111 and choose option 2 on the menu. Acri has an after hours response option for emergency situations. For police or fire issues call 911. If it is a utility outage, then call the utility service.

Q: When a private party has reserved the pool. Can I still go swimming?

A:  The pool is open to all of its residents during the usual pool hours.  If a private party has reserved the pool, it means that the pool may be more crowded than usual.  The covered seating area is reserved for the group, but the deck chairs and tables on the uncovered areas are still available to residents.

Q: My awning over my deck needs replacing;. Can I just order a replacement like the one I have?

A:  All replacement awnings need to be in the approved colors of burgundy (striped or solid) for brick units or for the vinyl-sided units solid tan. The Council has specific information on the color shades.  If you have any questions, contact the Council before placing your order.

Q: The bushes or trees around my unit are dying (or overgrown).  Whom should I contact?

A: Fill out a “Maintenance/Landscape” form (available on the web) and submit the form to Acri.

Q: There was an inch of snow last night that is still covering the drive and walks to my unit.  When will it be cleared?

A: Either when it melts, or when you brush it away.  The Fairways has a contract to remove snow when 3 inches or more accumulates.  It is possible to make private arrangements (for a flat fee per clearing) with the plowing vendor to clear lesser accumulations.

Q: Dirt and debris are dropping down on my patio from the deck on the unit above.  What can I do about this?

A: A number of units have had a solid cap /roof built under the deck above.  You can apply for permission to construct a cap by submitting the Exterior Alteration Form (available on the web).

Q: Christmas is coming up.  Where can I put my 6 foot tall lighted inflatable Santa?

A:  Sorry, but decorations more than 3 feet tall are not permitted outside.  You may have no more than 6 decorative items on your porches and decks.  At no time during the year are decorations permitted on steps, mailboxes, lampposts, railings or sidewalks,  or on the grass, mulch or trees. Holiday lights may be placed on bushes, but may not be attached to the outsides of the building, windows, decks, awnings or walls. Holiday decorations may be up from Thanksgiving to January 15.  You can have a seasonal, decorative wreath on your door at any time during the year.

Q: I’m looking forward to container gardening this summer.  Are there any limits?

A:  You may have up to 6 non-permanent decorative items total on your porch, decks, and patios.  Plant pots are considered non-permanent decorative items.

Q:  I’m going away for several days.  Can I put my trash out Thursday morning before I leave?

A: You will need to find someone to help you. Fairways residents may not put out their trash before 5:00 p.m. on the day before collection. Also remember that any food waste or food containers must be disposed of by placing them in a covered hard-sided trash container.  Non-food and non-food container trash that does not fit in the container may be placed in heavy duty, sealed trash bags (no larger than 30 gallons) weighing 35 lbs or less.

Q: Some of my information in the current Fairways directory is out of date.  How do I get it updated?

A: The Fairways Council Secretary keeps an up-to-date-spread sheet on residents.  Send updates to the secretary.

Q: One of my neighbors regularly walks their dog on my front lawn and leaves me a “present” of droppings. What do I do?

A:  The front lawn is common property, so your neighbor may walk there, BUT all  pet owners are supposed to pick up droppings. This is an Oakmont Borough ordinance. You should fill out the request for action form and send it to Acri noting the neighbor’s failure to clean up the dog’s droppings.